Air is currently developing the wayfinding strategy and public space interior design for the ambitious urban district development project, River City Prague, owned by CA Immo.

Over the past months, Air has been developing a sitewide wayfinding signage system for River City Prague’s vehicles and car parks, public realm areas and tenant listings, as well as developing the internal signage for their two new assets under construction, Mississippi House and Missouri Park. We are also appointed to develop the public space interior design, rooftop gardens, outdoor office pavilion and mobile kitchen for the two new office developments to help cultivate an environment that encourages people to dwell, communicate, revitalise and work together more creatively.

The wayfinding and interior design will together complement the advanced, sustainable architecture of the buildings, designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen, which celebrate wellness, vitality and renewability.

River City Prague is an urban complex of architecturally striking office buildings, Danube House, Nile House and Amazon Court, which are in the heart of Prague, scenically located along the banks of River Vltava. To further complement this vast complex, CA Immo is investing a total of €66 million for the two new premium offices, Mississippi House and Missouri Park, which will together offer 20,700 sqm of space. The premium properties will have 8 above-ground floors, 2 underground floors for 230 parking spaces, the most cutting-edge technologies, access to transport connections and access to the diverse infrastructure, shops and restaurants of the local area.