Continuing on with our Brand DON’T Touch Points Series, Green Furniture Concept have created aesthetically unique solutions for sensible social distancing.

By incorporating biophilic elements into design, their first solution uses planters to maintain sensible social distancing. In comparison to the plexiglass dividers and cross markings being widely used, these plant dividers communicate the message of keeping safe without compromising the warm, welcoming, and community-orientated atmosphere within the space. These modular dividers give the public the freedom to self-separate by allowing friends and families to socially distance and sit together, reducing feelings of isolation and anxiety. Their modular feature also flexibly allows you to modify layouts as the regulations evolve overtime.

Their second solution effectively uses colour to highlight social distancing in an economical, playful, and light-hearted way. Their sculpturally distinct benches simply use a different colour to show the appropriate space where individuals must sit for safe social distancing. This shows that although the rules have changed, the design standards do not need to: we can create comfortable and welcoming places whilst enforcing the new regulations.

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