Introducing Air’s new “Brand DON’T Touch-points Solutions” Series!

This series will highlight the latest trends and cutting-edge applications to help public spaces cater to the “new normal” and safely reopen their doors in the new Post Covid-19 world. 

With pubs and restaurants planning to reopen around the UK in the upcoming weeks, we have outlined the key solutions that must be considered to guarantee a safe and viral-free dining experience:

📋 📲  To replace the sharing of printed menus, BrightSign developed a contactless solution which delivers restaurant menus to mobile phones by simply scanning a QR code.

🦠 🧹  Provide clear guidance on hygiene and social distancing before arrival by website, social media, email, or phone and on arrival through posters, signage, floor markings, and visual aids.

😷 ⛱   Use freestanding partition screens for front of house workers and customers and table dividers to make communal dining areas safer.

🚻 🚮   Air Design have developed pictograms to increase awareness of safety guidelines such as social distancing, good and regular handwashing, avoidance of face touching and coughing into arms.

🚧 🖼   If certain areas need to be cornered off, use customer-friendly, branded graphic panels which advertise a positive message, or the restaurant’s contact details for the take-out option rather than using hazard tape.

🍽 🥂  Use disposable paper cloths or placemats to provide a layer of non-infected material between the customer and the table. This can be branded and will demonstrate that the dining area is a freshly sanitised area.

🥡 🍱   Condiments, napkins, wooden cutlery sets, plates and glasses should be wrapped up and provided by the kiosks. They cannot be left in public areas like previously.

 Provide handwashing and hand sanitiser at multiple locations in addition to the bathroom to promote regular hand washing for staff and visitors.

🤿 🧤  Staff members must wear Personal Protective Equipment such as facemasks, gloves or visors when serving and preparing food.

💸 💳   Contactless payments or pre-ordering and making payments on an app, online, or by phone should be encouraged.

⭕ ✔️  Here is the official reopening checklist for food businesses during Covid-19 produced by the Food Standards Agency. The checklist is designed to support food businesses to reopen safely during Covid-19 after a period of inaction.