Red Sea Mall

Interior Design

Air has been working on the interior design refurbishment of Red Sea Mall, one of KSA's biggest and most exciting destinations for shopping and leisure. Our interior design work includes the redesign of the large food court area, F&B zones, seating areas, restrooms and the luxury shopping avenue; mixing a variety of styles to create interesting, vibrant spaces for people to socialise and relax in.

The layout of the mall and shops was altered to create a separate zone for the luxury mall. We used elegant curves were used for the shopfront, floor and ceiling designs, with reflective and natural materials to produce a mall with a luxury ambiance.

FoodcourtWe designed tree sculpture canopies around the existing columns to bring a more human scale to the vast space. We then broke it up further into different zones of furniture and materials to give each area a unique style, create some pace with the environment and avoid mass repetition.

Mall FurnitureOur new information desk allows for a number of additional functions, lockers, wayfinding, wheelchair and buggy storage. The design uses warm timber finishes, integrated lighting and planting to make the desk more welcoming for visitors.