Air has been appointed by FunsGroup to develop a branding and wayfinding for HuaTeng, RiHua and XiDian projects in China.

With the culture and media industry rapidly developing in Beijing, HuaTeng is set to become China’s leading TV and film studio base. HuaTeng will provide a cutting-edge cultivation base for film and TV innovation, retail and commercial entertainment for the public and residential areas to create a place to live as well as work in and public realm spaces for culture and creativity to thrive.

RiHua is set to become the new centre for Beijing’s design and creative industry. This diverse ecosystem will be home to various creative design companies, will provide F&B, retail, exhibitions and entertainment events. It will also include public realm areas to become a dynamic social hub for business, culture, and leisure.

The XiDian development will become the No.1 regional hub for culture and creativity in Beijing through its innovative and progressive environments. The area will include offices and studios for creative companies and start-ups involved in the media industry, an art centre for performances, conferences and events, and a commercial design hub with retail and F&B areas.

These developments will reflect China’s evolving industrial heritage and economy by providing a design-focused, inspiring setting which cultivates future innovations, nurtures creativity and facilitates collaboration.