Although bathrooms are not a topic you regularly see on your newsfeed, they have a strong impact on customer satisfaction results as they are one of the key features customers consider when judging spaces.

We have created a short guide on how to effectively refurbish bathrooms using modern and sustainable techniques inspired by our recent design project for VIVO! Bratislava Shopping Center owned by Immofinanz.

1. Reuse and Retain

At the initial planning stage, you must consider if original elements can be retained for cost-saving and practical reasons: How can original elements be reused and altered so they do not look alien within the new scheme or outdated in style? You must integrate elements of the original structure with the current modern design to completely transform the space and produce a unified, complementary, and architecturally harmonised refurbishment.

At VIVO! Bratislava, the vanity top is an original element but with new taps, soap dispensers, mirrors and under skirting and the glass cubicles are original but have new tailored graphic patterns for a modern, integrated design.

2. Contactless Sanitary Equipment

With Covid-19 emphasising the need for contactless sanitary equipment, you must now introduce contactless technology such as taps, hand dryers, and soap dispensers to create a safe and viral-free environment.

If your space presents the opportunity, the touchless sanitary equipment can be hidden behind the wall above the sink to give a cleaner and more sophisticated finish.

3. Colour is Key

Whilst it is important to keep a minimal colour palette, you must provide contrast and variety to create a stylish, artistically attractive bathroom finish.

Colour selections should be based on psychology: How will this make people feel?

For VIVO!, green was selected from the client branding palette because it enables a tone of tranquillity and revitalization to diffuse throughout the space, creating a calming and relaxing environment in an otherwise busy shopping centre. The contrasting green hue creates a striking and dramatic aesthetic whilst also unifying the various elements to bring a cohesive and sophisticated style. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and use darker hues! The green shaded pattern further gives a unique personality to the space.

The neutral tones used provide a crisp clean finish, making it soothing to the eye whilst the timber finishes add warmth and contrast to the cooler neutral and green tones.

4. Recessed Coffer Lighting

It is important to consider updating existing downlights to recessed coffer lighting, so the space is brightened by indirect lighting for more atmosphere and less glare. High-level lighting further maintains a constant lux level and creates a warm, welcoming ambience.

5. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

By adding lighting around the mirrors, a practical benefit will arise with customers having a clearer, more defined view when using mirrors. This also creates a warm and inviting vanity area with a contemporary and elegant aesthetic.