As China’s biggest city and a global industrial and commercial hub, Shanghai has some of the world’s most vibrant landscapes which personify innovation and creativity. In 2016, we developed the identity, wayfinding, and interior design for the Shanghai Modern Art Museum and Halcyon Riverbank to further enrich this dynamic urban landscape.

Modern Art Museum Branding

The architecture of the museum includes a row of iconic coal hoppers which zig zag up and down through the building. When developing the logo design, we took inspiration from these shapes to form an identity that embraces the industrial heritage.

Halycon Riverbank Sub-Branding

Combining nature, culture and art, the Halcyon Riverbank is one of Shanghai’s most contemporary mixed-use development spaces spanning 50,000 sqm and stretching over half a kilometer along the Huangpu river.

Air developed an up-beat sister-brand for this, to help create a sense of place and promote outdoor exhibitions and events.

The wayfinding system was designed to enable visitors to navigate the rich mixture of museums, galleries, shops, restaurants, bars and exhibitions spaces, connected by promenades and elevated walkways.

A lightweight pop-up kiosk system was also developed to facilitate seasonal f+b offers.

The branding, signage and interior elements amalgamate to create a vibrant and distinctive identity which represents the creative spirit of this part of Shanghai’s riverbank.